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            Strong health, happy people
Walking to school on a rainy day.
I'm feeling dizzy, school so faraway
When I arriwe, I feel fine and
I start to dance and sing:
Strong health, happy people!
Strong health , happy people!
Strong health, happy people and
I start to dance and sing!
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 The partnership entitled “Strong Health,Appy PEople”(SHAPE) unites schools from: Belgium, Estonia, Poland, Romania-coordinator, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey.
Scope: educating pupils aged 11-14 to adopt health-enhancing behaviors(healthy diet, physical activity, care for the environment)and to avoid health risks(smoking, drugs and alcohol use and abuse, sedentary life, social isolation)
We expect the participants:
-to understand what a healthy lifestyle is by improving their knowledge in health education and by personal experience as a result of their involvement in project activities
-to make adjustments in their lifestyle
-to become aware consumers, capable of making good choices connected with products and services of any kind
-to raise their interest in environment protection
-to improve their knowledge on different European cultures.
Pupils, parents, teachers will participate in: surveys, sports trials, team-games, outdoor activities, volunteering, school festivals, meetings with representatives of local communities.
-DVDs presenting: health-enhancing practices, ways of preventing bad habits, physical exercises, popular games, folk dances
-a common menu with healthy traditional dishes in partner countries
-“First steps on Health Road” illustrated guide(a project synthesis)
-the Partnership's website, logo, flag.
Monitoring and evaluation will be done permanently at local and partnership level by means of: pre-,ongoing and final questionnaires, surveys, interviews, direct observation, overall reports, working sessions during project meetings, online conferences.
The activities, outcomes and results will be disseminated:
-at meetings with teachers, parents, representatives of local community
-by the partnership’s website
-through media
-by posters, SHAPE displays, pocket calendars

Project Coordinator Hortensia Bogdan